Every good college showcase has at least 2 things in common. The first is some talented high school age players who are ready to compete at the next level. The second (and equally as important) are college coaches who are interested in finding the next recruiting class for their program.

With a database of over 3,000 college coaches, we'll make sure your invitation to coaches gets to as many coaches as possible.


The invitation will peek their interest, but they'll need to get registered so you and your teams know who will be attending your event.

The email invitation will include a link so college coaches can register with the click of a button. Once registered, they will appear on your website with their registration status. Athletes can see more information about each coach and their program.

Player Profiles

Each athlete will have access to build out their free profile on the system. This lets them uploada photo, enter their basic academic criteria, and search for and identify their top 3 colleges.

Athletes who would like to continue playing their sport in college can gain access to this system with an exclusive offer available to your participants. With this account they can get recruiting help/tips, contact coaches and use advanced college filtering to find the program that is perfect for them.

Auto Email System

The automated email system is built into each college showcase website. The email system lets you choose which email types go out to each team and how frequently the messages go out. The email will contain links to take coaches/managers directly to the page where they can enter their college roster.

Each team manager can add in emails for the players on their team so each player can enter in their academic information so college coaches have as much information as possible to make their recruiting efforts at your event a complete success.

College Coach PDF Book

Each college showcase is handled a bit differently so we give you the options to handle it as you see fit. The college coach booklets can be generated from your website by choosing the options you want and clicking the button.

You can then print the books yourselves or send out a link to the college coaches so they can donwload their own version.

Mobile Site

The SincSports College Coach mobile website will also be available for your event. If you don't want to print books because of the expense or you'd just like to "go green", the mobile website is perfect for your tech savy college coaches.

The College Coach mobile website makes finding information MUCH easier than having to flip through a 50+ page pdf document and always has the up to the minute information for your event. In addition to the information found in the PDF book, coaches can:

  • Search for players by criteria
  • Tag and rate players they've watched
  • Create a custom event schedule

For full details on the College Coach mobile site, click here