SincSports Team Sites

SincSports now allows you to Manage your team online and through our mobile app at no cost to you. Create your roster, use our calendar tools, and message your team all while on the go!

Get Organized and spend your time enjoying the Game!

Team Website

We believe that every team should have a home on the web. A place where coaches, players, families and fans can get important updates, keep track of your schedule and communicate with each other. Finding a tool to give you this presence is easy...having it done in an easy to use, beautifully designed package was impossible; until NOW!

With SincMyTeam, you'll have a beautiful website with the functionality you need to manage your team. Any person who is comfortable using a computer will be able to update information, add pictures, and get your team in SINC.

Roster, Staff and Family

Add the people you want to connect to your team. Of course, you'll have a coach and athletes, but what about their family? Do you want to be able to communicate easily with parents? Do you want to give grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends a chance to 'stay in the loop?' We give you the ability and flexibility to work with your team and team members the way that makes sense to you.

Email or text individuals/groups

Communication is key! Being able to communicate with your team efficiently will save you tens, maybe even hundreds of headaches each season! From your roster page, you can contact an individual by email or text message, or just pull up their contact information to give them a quick call.

Game Results

SincMyTeam results will pull directly from your already established team page. The results from any SincSports events that you attend will automatically populate on your results page as well as your calendar. You'll also have the ability to add any other games/results to your page so you can track your team's record.

Team Calendar

Your team calendar help keep everyone on the same page. Post your practice schedule, your games, outings, or ANYTHING that is important to your team. Specify the address so everyone can pull up a map in seconds.

We also give your team instructions on how they can subscribe to your calendar feed so they can open your team calendar from their google, outlook or iCal calendar.

Team Posts

This is the place where function and fun clash heads! Everyone on your team can get involved and build the comradery that is needed for success! It's a great place talk about your last game, plan an outing, share photos from the game and just HAVE SOME FUN! OR send out an important message about practice being cancelled to reach your entire team in seconds.

Calendar Integration; iCalendar & Outlook

Although anyone that uses the SincSports app will LOVE it, some people just like to do things they way they're used to doing them! Since MANY people use their google calendars, iPhone calendars or outlook to manage their busy schedules, we've built out a calendar feed for your team. You can give anyone access to this calendar feed which will pull all of your team's important events right into their calendar. Add events to your team calendar and they'll auto-magically appear on their iPhone, android or outlook calendars.

Event reminders

Do you have any forgetful individuals on your team? Tired of reminding them 10 times about your upcoming game? Choose which items on your calendar you'd like to send out reminders for. We'll send your team an email the day before just in case...

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Don't delay any more! Take your event to the next level!