Let's face it, the world has gone mobile. Having a website is great and extremely important! Most people will work with your website before your event begins, but I'll bet that there aren't too many people walking around on game day with laptop open! The SincSports app gives your teams, coaches, athletes, parents and fans the ability to easily follow your event when the weekend begins!

Before your event begins, those people that have no interest or need for a computer anymore can find your event, register their team, see what teams have signed up and access the mobile version of your website. Once your event begins, they'll be able to pull up their schedule, get directions to the field, check on scores and standings, and register for score updates so they know the minute you post a score.

Tournament directors and score keepers can use the app to enter scores right from their phone.

Where to get it

The SincSports App is available in both the android market and the itunes store. To download the app, search for SincSports or you can follow the links below:
Android: Download from market
iOS (iphone): Download from itunes

Want an app of your own?

There's nothing quite like being able to tell your teams: "Yeah, we've got an app for that." We've built a number of 'Private Label' apps and would love to build one for you. We'll get your custom app published for iPhone and android for $2,000 which will have you covered for the first year and then it's $500 annually to keep it up to date.

How to use it

Tournament Staff

  1. Open up the app
  2. Select the correct sport
  3. Login with your userid and password
  4. Then, select your tournament
  5. Select the division
  6. Select the game
  7. Enter the score

Coaches, Parents, Players, and Fans!
You do not need an account or to login to use the app

  1. Open up the app
  2. Select the correct sport
  3. Then, select your tournament
  4. When viewing the divisions, you can push and hold the notification icon to register for score updates
  5. Select the division
  6. View the schedules, stadings, and brackets from here
  7. Select a game to view the team logos and a map to the field