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Keep your teams in the loop with all important updates. Post important messages to your event website, communicate via email, or send messages via text message. 

Online Check-in

Online Check-in has revolutionized the event check-in process. It is the simplest, most secure, and safest way for your teams to check-in. A few highlights include:
  • Teams can check-in from the comfort of their home
  • Our staff reviews and verifies every document per your specific rules
  • You have access to any document right from the fields
  • All documents are archived electronically for you 


The most sophisticated scheduling system gives you all the tools you need
  • Hundreds of game templates to choose from; or the option to build any schedule format you need
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Real-time conflict checking/resolution
  • Available to your teams via desktop, mobile, or through our app


Easily create an engaging website with our website builder to showcase your event. Choose from a number of pre-built controls to add:
  • Facebook/Twitter feeds
  • Dynamic slideshows
  • Engaging scrollers
  • News feeds
  • Sponsors


More than half of your visitors are going to interact with your event from their phone/tablet. The same website you design is built to be mobile friendly so your teams can access everything on the go. Your event will also be featured in our mobile app.
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