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sincSports (formly known as USA Tournaments) was founded in 2001. We have been working with hundreds of event directors over the past 9 years to build and maintain the best online tournament and league system. We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of the competition and always providing the best customer service to our clients.

We originally started with SoccerInCollege.com, which is a website designed to help athletes find the perfect college and soccer program for them. After going through the college search and recruiting process with his four children, president and CEO John Foley, figured out that there really needs to be an easier way through the process. Without knowing what to do and when, athletes and parents can miss out on a great opportunity. SoccerInCollege.com (which has now expanded to support other sports) was built so athletes could build an online profile, search colleges, contact coaches, and get the information they need about the recruiting process.

In order to get the word out to athletes and parents, we began working with College Showcases to provide them with a website and a place where college coaches could register to attend the event. We would then generate a player profile book that the event could distribute to the college coaches.

While working with these events, we were introduced to the need for a full and complete event management system to provide directors with the tools they need to run a successful event. Over the past decade, we have built this system which is now used by hundreds of directors around the country to run professional, well organized events. We continue to work very closely with our directors to find out their wants and needs so we can continue to provide them with the best product on the market.

We greatly value our relationships with our clients and are very proud that the majority of our business is generated by referrals from happy and satisfied clients.

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