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Online Check-in

Online Check-in provides your event with the most secure, most convenient and safest way to get your teams checked in and ready for your event. 

Your Rules

We work with you to setup your check-in so it meets all of your event's requirements



File Storage

All files are stored securely in the cloud and can only be accessed by the team or your staff


Reviewal Process

The SincSports team reviews and approves all files uploaded to your event



Remote Access

Easily access any check-in file whenever you need it; at your office or on the fields



Document Archive

Your files are stored electronically so you comply with all document retention policies


Help & Support

The SincSports team will work directly with teams to assist them through the check-in process


There is no cost to the event for online check-in. Any team that elects to check-in online pays a non-refundable fee to SincSports of $20. Even better, for any team that elects to use online check-in, we provide a credit back to you to reduce your overall costs.

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