Online Check-in

What is online check-in?

It is the first complete check-in system that enables teams to upload documents to SincSports secure servers where teams and event directors can access files whenever and wherever needed! 


What's so great about it?

Online check-in helps take some of the work load and pressure that comes with ensuring teams have the proper documentation to play in there event. It also aids team managers because they can virtually check their team in anywhere at anytime (thanks to the CLOUD)!  The feature is great because:

  • The labor required to physically check-in teams is reduced or eliminated because our staff performs the verification process per the tournament requirements.

  • It reduces the cost of using the SincSports system because we will credit the event for every team utilizing the feature.

  • If challenged by the state or team, the tournament director has the ablitity to provide backup information because they can access the uploaded documents to provide as proof.

  • Teams are better prepared to play on game day because they have all required documents BEFORE the event. This means an athlete is not left of the sidelines or a team forfeiting a game because of improper or missing documentation.

  • Traveling teams can reduce their lodging and food expenses because they elminated the extra day in the hotel.

  • It can alleviate stress for busy manaager's or coaches who may have to leave work early or drive in rush hour traffic to make it to physical check-in because they can check the team in wherever they have internet access. 

Let's sum it up. Online check-in reduces costs, stress, provides back up information if needed, and helps teams be prepared to play on game day. 


How does it work? 

1) Events utilizing online check-in are set up with capturing data and the documents required by participating teams in the tournament.

2) Teams enter information and required documentation in a step by step process on the tournament site.

3) The SincSports staff members verify and approve team’s check-in documentation per tournament requirements.

4) Teams receive notifications when each of the check-in process is complete, plus they can view the status of the check-in tasks.


What does it cost?

There is no charge to tournaments, in fact, we provide a credit for each team utilizing the software.

We do, however, charge teams $20 to process their  team's paperwork. It's a small price to pay considering what would be lost in wages, travel, stress, and time. 

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Don't delay any more! Take your event to the next level!